Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terror In Mumbai, India;
Memories of Mosquito University

I don't know when Bombay became Mumbai, but I was unaware of it until I saw on TV that it was being blown to hell. I'm never up to date on these changes in geography--I was already embarrassed enough about Burma's change to Myanmar, and there's no telling what other name changes have occurred since I paid attention to countries that I never set foot in. Of course, I've never been to Canada, but I'd probably notice if they renamed it Arthritis or Calaban or something. After all, it's almost close enough for me to trip over, though I guess for a Texan like me that's a statement that would be more true of Mexico.

A quick review of Internet sites indicates that "Bombay" goes back to the 16th century when the Portuguese arrived, but that in 1996 the official name was changed to one by which the local population had long called their city. (Therefore, suck it up, American and other foreigners!)

In any case, I'm sorry that such terror has come to India. Terror has been there before, of course, not to mention death and destruction. I've always liked India. I've always liked their citizens, though mostly in the guise of Ghandi and other famous persons one knows from History, movies, or TV; I've hardly known any living citizens of India, although the few I've known in person (who worked or attended school at the university where I was employed as Ratcatcher-Exterminator) were likeable, too. So, too, were the Chinese, Arabs, and persons of other national origin I met at Mosquito University!


  1. This is Huge - far bigger than you can even imagine: Canada changed the theme song for CBC "Hockey Night in Canada". Here's the original:
    After a big competition (even I voted), here's the new one
    The clincher was the bagpipes.

  2. I think the Hockey tunes went right over my head, but then Sports usually do that with me!


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