Saturday, November 01, 2008

I Saw You

I dreamed I saw you in a passing car
Going another way,
And it was oh so many years later
And still I hadn't forgotten.
It might not have been you, but it hardly matters, does it?
Whether it was or not, it prodded me, it pierced me,
It made me bleed and sweat and weep and pray
As I had not done for years,
Whether I should have done or not—
But that part, too, doesn't matter.
We are past it.

It was like some last sad song of youth
That I'd heard now just once too often,
Sung by the most ethereal, soulful country songstress
Softly crooning those old Beatles love songs
That stung us awake and left us alive but lopsided,
Not intact, but fragmented like this—
It then left our hearts in the dirt for eternity...
I never knew it would be so long
When you went away,
Not until this last time that your image
passed me by like a ghost in a transparent dream.


  1. This is nice, Ron. It reminds me (kind of) of a late scene in 'Dr. Zhivago' where he sees her (or she sees him?) from a train or tram.
    My recollection of the details is vague, but the sentiment seems similar. ;-)

  2. Hoo ha! Glad you liked it. Such things do matter.


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