Sunday, November 02, 2008

Magnifier on Microsoft Mouse

When I had to buy a new mouse the other day, I was only vaguely aware of it having an additional button (new to me). It's on the top left edge (center) of the mouse and it turns on and off a magnifier. The magnification is of only one power, though the box itself can be continuously adjusted from small to nearly as large as the screen. It reminded me of a conversation I had long ago when I was griping about small print and various people advised me about the View-Text sizing. I do sometimes use the View to enlarge things, but the magnifying button is pretty cool when I encounter the Internet equivalent of "fine print" in legal documents or medicine labels where it's just a small message, not the whole screen, that's way too fucking small. The button is very useful, though it is hard to get used to and not be turning it on and off without intending to do so! I'm sure there's web sites and magazines that have reported this and other technical crap to the max, but apparently I never go there! I had no idea there was such a button. Not a bad thing, though!

See the
Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000
if you're curious.

Or see the magnifier (shown at its smallest size) imposed over a photo of this post below:


  1. One of my friends just called it "the Old Fart button", which sounds appropriate for me or in general!!!

  2. Ooh, I need to look for one of those. View larger text doesn't work on some sites. If it's info I really need, I have to copy it into a word doc and enlarge it. Major pain in the ass.

  3. Yeah, some younger people may not know what we mean, but it's a definite help on some sites!


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