Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Those Incredible Imaginary Blogs

Eat me, sweetie!

  1. Carnal Cupcakes (Food for Fuckers)
  2. Gumbo With Moon Pie
  3. Cattle Cargo Pants
  4. Sucker Buckets
  5. French Fries And Tapioca
  6. Your Mo And My Ma
  7. A Puddle Of Muddle
  8. Lapse of Traipse
  9. Retracing Your Faces
11. Corpulent Cannonball Diving Team
12. Cataracts On Parade
13. Hildegarde With Pudgy Hilltops
14. Arbiter Of Arbogast
15, My Streisand Songs All Sound Alike!
16. His Dick For Her Pat?
17. Web Feet On My Back
18. This Way Out Of My Pants
19. Boiling Blubber And Geese
20. Fixated On Twasmasmosis
21. Pugnacious And Tantamount--A New Dance Team
22. Lanolin Cures My Irritation!
23. Yancey Putzmore, Riverboat Gambler
24. Cantilevered Cantaloupe
25. Swivelling Swineherd Havahart Traps
26. Sanitary Pigeon Trojans
27. Credulous Cardigans
28. Wasp-Waist Wimps
29. Receding Hairlines Of The Hippie Generation
30. Doped Up On Dilbert

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