Monday, February 26, 2007

2nd List Of 20 Facile Fictional Titles

  1. Culture Vultures
  2. Warmonger Thongs
  3. Peace For My Birthday, War For Christmas
  4. Elusive Blatherskite
  5. Those Torrid Dwimmerlaiks
  6. Peddling Penis All Over Town (Bio of A Gay Boy)
  7. Tumultuous Bumpy Tan Bodies
  8. Girls On The Watch For A Sausage
  9. Pedantic Puppies
10. Botchers, Butchers, And Watchers
11. Cocaine In My Soup
12. Piddle Me Elmo
13. Emails From Kissing Karl to Mrs. Tuna
14. Burger Pals To The End
15. Shotguns Aimed At The Stars
16. Dotchmo No Komo Que?
17. Hot Buxom Shieldmaidens
18. Pissing At The Opera One Night
19. Cheese Squid
20. Don't Touch That!

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