Friday, February 02, 2007

Poetry/Short Story Referral

Check out

The Old Woman's Estate

at my poetry blog, Judy Garland Blues


After-sex Conversation With Felice Orwell

at my short story blog, Dogger Gatsby's Blues.

If you don't wanna, that's okay, fug you!


  1. I enjoyed them both...Ms. Orwell more than once.

  2. Hey, it's not a box of chocolates!

  3. I like "The Old Woman's Estate"
    best -it's subtle, clever and quite beautiful. Thanks for the referral, Ron.

    T'other one is a bit graphic for my taste, but ne'er mind - one out of two ain't bad!

  4. Hey, Ann, glad you liked Old Woman's Estate. As for the graphic bit, some of my oldest friends fling that in my face at times; I can't ever retrain them!


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