Monday, January 09, 2006


Such A Dilemma

“Lemme get my hands on some of that vivid penis
Or somebody’s ripe and round American breasts,”
Said a voice in the dark at the smoky bisexual bar.

“I don’t care who it is, what it is, but I need somebody,
Just lemme get my mouth on something
Or full of something and I’ll be satisfied, I promise!”

“There’s nothing wrong with me
That couldn’t be cured by a bullet in the head
Or something sweet to suck on

Or maybe a sex change in a Swiss sanitarium
Where I could keep my knickers straight at last
If I only knew what to change to!”

“Why don’t you violate something?
Why don’t you let me rotate on it?
Why don’t you spread yourself wide for me?
Why don’t you just sit on it?”

It’s such a dilemma, such a fright.

As deprived and depraved as ever! -- Jo Jo Dancer

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