Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another Goddamn Poem

Another Visit With God

I wish to the lord I could get to sleep,
I wish to Jesus I could see straight,
I wish to God he’d let me rest in peace,

But he’s off somewhere watching babies die,
Executing convicts, wiping out platoons,
Letting old folks die or just pushing them down,

Shoving the school bus off the edge of the cliff
Or the poor and disabled into the flood,
Pitting Jew against Jew, white fool against white,

Letting cops beat niggers to death in the dark—
Even nigger cops—now what’s that about, you complain?
That’s God’s way, and he don’t have to explain.

1st draft: 9/19/05

Apologies to everyone. I can't get caught up.

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