Thursday, June 30, 2005

Spiteful And Meandering

I hate you all. What's worse, I hate myself. What's worse, everything around here keeps breaking and I can’t fix most of it and I hate all that shit, too! Damn the garage door, damn the weedeater, damn all cars forever! Why oh why do I have to have all these intimate relationships with inanimate things? It isn’t reasonable! It isn’t fair! If it was convenient I’d cut off my head and throw it at you all! I used to be rather good at games of dodge ball back in elementary and junior high school. I could give you such a smack! Not to mention, everyone who thought it easy to hit a big target like me didn’t realize I could catch a dodge ball with ease. My body absorbed the shock and my hands latched on. I could grab and I could dodge! If it’d been a football, they might have "got" me—but dodge ball was My World. I didn’t always win, but I often did. Ah, days of Glory! Now all I have is this meandering blog and all these pathetic posts. Today I am even more meandering and the post even more pathetic. But I filled some white space, so to speak.

I counted up my commenters from last year and there were 13. I counted the same unlucky 13 last week, but most of the commenters were different ones; 3 or 4 may have been in both lists, but that's all. There were some commenters in-between the lists, but I'm not going to try to count short-term "fans". All that's probably more a reflection on me than on my commenters. I'm rough on people. I'm trying to stay in shape for destroying the planet, you know.

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