Friday, June 24, 2005

Bugler, Rizla, & The Beatific Zig-Zag Man

Dope Paraphernalia And Tobacco

Just trying to remember about Bugler tobacco and Rizla rolling machines and Zig-Zag cigarette papers back when I still smoked pot and coffin nails, my brain fogs up all over again. Bugler was awful, I guess, but it could be made into damn cheap cigarettes. The rolling machine and the sweet little bamboo device whose name I can't recall were necessities of life, though, since I never became proficient at rolling by hand. I owned dope paraphernalia, not because of pot, but mainly because of tobacco!

I don't know about it now—though certainly it's still around—but at that time Bugler was the cheapest crap on the planet. It was almost as cheap as not smoking at all, though not as pleasant. To an addicted smoker however, it was a way not to have to quit smoking until the next paycheck. Then you could breathe free (ha!) and go buy some Winstons or Marlboros. Because certainly you couldn't just quit!

I guess maybe you find this about as interesting as I'd find it if Grampa started telling all the details of his sanitary habits back on the farm with corn husks, corn cobs, and tree leaves. I don't know and I don't want to know! Maybe you feel the same way about tobacco. I nearly feel that way and I smoked the shit! But no matter what smokers were used to and claimed to like and pretended that they weren't really addicted to, as far as I was concerned, that nasty Bugler proved what a wretched dope addict I was! It's just that my dope of choice was (and still is) legal. I wonder if I could even smoke pot any more, I've had so little practice inhaling since I quit cigarettes?

A Modern Bugler Smoker

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