Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cowgirl Leah, Part Two

Leah had made some progress and now she was proud of what she had. Johnathan watched her as she danced lightly around the room, dressed in nothing but her skirt. She looked like a girl barely out of her teens, though in fact she was 22. She was rather ordinary to look at, short, her figure slim but not too firm, yet she seemed at this moment full of light to Johnathan. He licked his lips and she saw it. Leah laughed, came closer, and, rising on her toes, kissed him on the nose. She felt coy and daring, all at once. He felt it too. She wasn't always this way. She lowered her eyes, raised her dress and exposed herself.

"This is my little pussy-cat!" she purred, adding the last syllable at the last possible moment. She said it as sweetly as a little girl who didn't know any better. She was old enough to know better.

"Of course it is," he grinned, nervously running his hands over her thighs and buttocks. "What else would it be?"

"I'm just proud of it, that's all," she told him. "It makes me feel so good!"

"You should be proud of it," he laughed, sliding his hand up her legs and possessively resting his hand on it. "It makes others feel good, too."

"You talk too much!" she laughed and wriggled away from him, starting to dance again.

The young couple thought they really liked each other, though they were still learning about one another. They hadn't been together that long. This wasn't the first time they'd slept together, but it was their first time in broad daylight or in a room where there was time to lounge and talk afterward. They didn't have to hurry today or get up to get dressed again. Up to now they'd made love once in his car, once in the bushes at the park, once at her apartment when she knew her roommate would be gone a few hours. Today their lovemaking had been really comfortable for the first time. It had been very good indeed.

Later, as she roamed around the room, exulting in her nakedness and her freedom of movement, she looked down at him on the bed and spoke cheerfully. "Say, Is that all you've got?" she asked.

"Under special circumstances, it gets larger," he smiled.

"Yeah, and I love it when it does!" she laughed.

A moment later her face changed, looking a little as if she'd bitten a lemon. "But, sweetie, now it looks like a wrinkled little worm," she said. "Why does it get like that?" she added in a forlorn, complaining tone.

"I'm sorry if it doesn't stay splendid all the time for you. You know, it's hard to keep it hard when you do the things you do to it."

He was still joking with her, though he sensed something definitely going wrong. Was she really that ignorant, or just enough so to bring it up?

"You really liked fucking me, didn't you?" she said.

"It was wonderful," he told her.

"You sure fucked me good," she crooned.

"We try harder," he grinned.

"What was the best part?" she grinned.

"Ah-no certain part," he said, a little confused. She was starting to get under his skin now. He wondered if there was something wrong with her. If she was twisted or something.

A few moments went by, then she spoke again.

"I was really good, wasn't I?" she asked.

"Uh, well, yeah, I guess so," he said nervously.

"Did I give you the biggest ole hardon you could possibly get?"

"Yeah, I guess you did," he answered irritably.

"You really think I was good, huh?" she grinned, hiding her face and trying to look "cute". It was one time too many for Johnathan.

"I think," he said, rolling away from her and grabbing a cigarette off the nightstand, "that you just might be the biggest cow in Texas and that you're squirming around way too much about being prodded by a little prick."

There, I've done it now, he thought. He lit his cigarette and puffed.

"You big prick!" she snapped at him. Her face was red and hostile.

"No, I'm not. Or if I am, it contradicts what you were just saying, doesn't it?"

"Well, you're a bigger prick than I was thinking, then, okay? Shit!"

"Well, aren't you a little angel?" he said.

"Well, why are you so mean to me?!" she said, sounding tearful, but not looking it. She looked bold as brass.

"I'm the same as I was a little while ago," he said, pulling the sheet over him.

"No, you're not; you're mean!"

"I don't know about that," he said. "I may even have loved you, up until a moment ago."

I don't believe that," she said petulently.

"It isn't very clear what you believe."

"Well... Well, I know I don't believe that you're very pleasant!"

"I don't imagine that you do," he said in a neutral voice.

"You son of a bitch," she said angrily, "what makes you think you know so goddamn much? What makes you so smart and smug?"

"Mother nature," he told her.

"Oh, that—that's perverted!"

His face turned red and he paused a moment. "Listen, go fuck yourself," he told her quietly.


"Go fuck yourself if you want to see something really perverted! That's what fucking you really felt like to me!"

Leah's face turned nearly purple with anger. She shouted, "It's not me that'll have to do that! I can go out and get somebody to sleep with me any time I want to! You're the one that'll have to stay home and fuck your fist!"

"You silly twit," he said. He was trying to sound calm, but there was an extreme edge in his voice that he couldn't hide. He felt like killing her.

"You'll be lucky if you ever get to fuck anyone else again for the rest of your life," she shouted. "You and that, that—that short worthless dick of yours!"

"You're a marvellous big cunt, aren't you!" he said savagely.

"And you're a wretched little prick!"

"Then how come you thought I fucked you so good?!"

"I was lying!" she screamed.

This time he didn't answer.

"You're a nice son of a bitch," she said sullenly.

"Yeah?" he said. "You're pretty nice, yourself."

Johnathan got up and left the apartment and they didn't see one another for the rest of the week. Before long, however, they made up and made love once again. One of these days, she just knew, they'd get married and have a family and stop being so silly.

No such thing ever happened, though.


2nd draft: 06/27/05
©1989 Ronald C. Southern

I think in an earlier draft these characters were more likeable in a smartass kind of way, but that's not there any longer. So I think I ruined it to a large degree. I'm not going to rewrite it at this late date, though. There are other stories with these characters, though, at least one of which is not so bad, but the characters are still unpleasant. I'm sorry I lost the pleasantness, but...

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