Sunday, June 12, 2005

Automatic Garage Door Repairs

This is not really a repair; more like half-assed maintenance, maybe. No surprise, all of my maintenance jobs are half-assed or half-witted. First, one of the wheels that rolls in the metal channels as the large wooden door is moved up and down jumped out of it’s track earlier this week. The door would still go up and down, but it looked wrong, wrong, wrong! I got on a ladder and shoved at it a little with a hammer, trying to move it back into place, but no dice. Being on a ladder, I felt my face and fingers were too close to the work and that made me too nervous. I had serious trepidation about losing a finger or a nose. I finally got off the ladder and used a mop handle to shove the wheel back inside the track. That felt a lot safer and I therefore felt freer to give it a good hard shove!

Whoopee, an easy rescue, I thought. And I guess it was, but I still don’t know WHY the wheel came out of its track, so I can’t stop wondering what’s to prevent it from happening again tomorrow or next week? I’ve kept an eye on it, but to no avail. There's nothing to see. I greased the metal channels moderately to feel certain there’s no binding that occurs for that kind of reason. I can’t tell that it’s better or worse, though. Hope it doesn’t fall on the car.
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