Saturday, May 21, 2005

Richard And Mimi Farina Blues

I've still got those Richard and Mimi Fariña lyrics bouncing around in my head and still feeling guilty that I didn't play you any of their music along with their lyrics the other day. I can only do so much, but this site is a sampler and will play part of each of the 20 songs on their "Best of" album. If your computer is dial-up and slow like mine, you might have patience to listen to a couple. You other guys might have a nice sampling session and at least get the gist of the diverse and charming material. I say, Go Buy It, and don’t let it die out! Maybe in this age of CD’s and digital downloads, there won’t be any more “out of print” bullshit for older music.

Thank you, Richard, for the music, though you died before age 29, 30 years ago. Thanks, Mimi, for the music and the good work. You outlived him 30 years but died in 2001 at age 56. I think that's accurate; it just doesn't tell enough. This is only a blog...

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