Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ninety Cents An Hour

Jury Duty

The county paid me $6 for 6 ½ hours of attendance for possible jury duty the day before yesterday, then sent me home. They chose 12 jurors out of 60 people and the first time I heard my name called last from their list, I caught a hint that I would not be called for the trial. The next time the list was read, I recognized that it was in the same order. I was the last person on the last row and there was such an excess of people that the lawyers in the voir dire questioning ignored everyone on the last three rows, asking us nothing except the general questions, such as when they asked the whole room, did we know any of the parties or lawyers in the trial.

The trial, as briefly described to us before the 12 jurors were chosen, didn’t sound very interesting. It was a civil case where homeowners wanted to sue workers for faulty installation of their manufactured (mobile) home. The home had been installed about five years before the complaints began, and it sounded fishy to me, but who knows. I’d have had to listen to 2 ½ days of arguments to see if it was silly or not. This is better, though, for I fear the judge would not have appreciated my nodding off in court.
Okay, so it's the dullest blog post on the planet so far, so kill me.

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