Thursday, May 12, 2005

Don’t Walk Away

The Bozo Pilots

Apparently no one’s going to bring any charges against the two bozos who flew into the restricted air space around the White House yesterday. I’m no expert and apparently I am not even well informed, but it surprises me that there are no charges that apply to such irresponsible behavior. If I operated my auto with that cavalier and fuck-yall an attitude, not to mention that much incompetence, I’d like to believe that Texas would remove my driver’s license from my pocket so fast it’d tear my pocket and my underwear off so there’d be nothing but butt-pink showing on the TV news networks (who are always trying to stick their nose up somebody’s ass).

Are there no charges to be brought when you perform stupid acts in an inherently dangerous location? Was no one responsible if a few of those out of shape office workers who had to run for it had ended up with heart attacks, broken legs, and injurious asthma episodes?

I nearly suspect the federal government of staging this thing for some reason because governmental agencies don’t usually say, “Aw, it was just an accident,” about anything that a citizen does! They blame us, they fine us, they seize property, they lock us up! And in situations where Life, Liberty, and Public Safety are not even an issue!

The Federal Government I know doesn’t pat people on the head and send them on their way—it kicks in their doors and shoots at them with telescopic rifles! The government I saw yesterday must have been covering up some mistake(s) of its own creation; otherwise, they’d have barbequed these dumb fucks! (I would’ve joined them, with marshmallows!)

For me, one good question that arises is why do pilots of airplanes require less intelligence and awareness of their surroundings that the average driver requires to negotiate a heavy traffic loop in Houston, Texas? Automotive drivers who admit they’ve been driving with their eyes closed and then chortle "yuk yuk yuk" about it to a Texas Public Safety officer (for all the world like Goofy in a Disney cartoon) are not permitted to walk away! I don’t think those pin-headed pilots should be permitted to walk away, either. And why they should ever have had a license or ever again be allowed to fly airplanes is beyond me. If nobody is ever punished for these frequent “honest-mistake” incursions into restricted air space, even the dumbest terrorist on the planet is going to catch on that he won’t be shot down on the way to his target.

Oh well, if politicians don’t care, I don’t care. I just hope the collateral damage ends up being politicians, not the visitors and sightseers.

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