Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Snooping Around On You Via Site Meter

Too Much Analysis

In the past I have used my Site Meter and Haloscan programs to snoop as much as I could on who's reading me, but I am near to finding it all pointless. It's interesting, but pointless. Lately I find out negative things, like maybe it feels good to see that I've gotten 25 or 30 hits, then I discover half of them are strangers doing Google or Yahoo image searches for The Same Image! They're all trying to find the same one scantily clad photo that I once linked to. The same ONE damn search for a Bettie Page photo (that I only linked to!) keeps turning up! Usually from different IP's or Domain names, so I guess it's not some old enemy at work. Nor a professional pest, either, or there'd probably be a far larger number of hits.

Modern Pork Rinds

There is some glitch going on at the least, because why would the searches only become prominent now, when that single link has been there for a long time? Why have my (very few) other images never yet been Googled? I used to NEVER get hits from image-searches! I very much get them now, and it's skewing my numbers to such a degree that there's no meaning left in my numbers! I even went back and changed the Page's photo link to something else, but I guess a cache or other demonic Internet device somewhere keeps throwing it back out there, regardless of what's current on my blog! Spam blogs are also arriving here and crapping on the visitor count, so those numbers are also misleading. The numbers don't mean shit anymore. (I also don't follow the hits back to any individual's origin anymore because of the Spam blogs. My curiosity about what stranger is visiting my site has been bitch-slapped into disinterest by the spammer blogs for porcelain pork rinds and other useful things.)

Goodbye, Mr. Meter

I contacted Site Meter who suggested the only way to stop the count is to delete the HTML for Site Meter. I don't know exactly what part of that he meant as being something more helpful than the obvious. Certainly, deleting Site Meter would stop it from doing anything! He's probably a busy man or my question was somehow moronic. Deleting Site Meter can't save me any money, but it might save me a bunch of pissed-away hours and minutes and a modicum of brain-cells. I think Larry Jones (at his revision99 site) led the way on this recently—it's like a bad habit you've gotta break, that's all. I wonder if Larry's taken up chewing gum or snorting heroin yet?

However, if anybody knows anything about a solution for this, let me know now before I do something rash, violent, rude, or illegal! Otherwise, it's cold turkey for me.

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