Friday, February 18, 2005

I've Got The Site Meter Monkey Off My Back!

I am surprised to find that I am already past my pangs of "withdrawal" from Site Meter. I have so far felt little compulsion to go check the Site Meter stats. Being off this drug-like habit more than two weeks now, I already feel better. It's not my intention to bad-mouth Site Meter in particular—it's just the counter that I happen to have. If the number of site visits made by bogus entities did not make my stats so inaccurate, I would still be interested in the stats. Since the numbers twist, warp, misdirect, and inflate, I would hate to even restore the "grand total" count.

I do find it curious that not a single other blogger has observed this phenomenon and reported it to me. Maybe some of you have had experience of it and are just not concerned enough to yammer about it. I guess I could think that way if I weren't so compulsive a person. If the stats aren't going to be accurate, I don't want to have much to do with it! Like this, I can just continue to live in the void and leave those brain-destroying numbers alone. Counting those counter "hits" all the time was eating my soul.

I know all this is just more of the kind of info that is only of interest to other bloggers. But we should be frank; most of the people who read these blogs ARE other bloggers. Rare is the "civilian" that I encounter on "The Rat Squeaks" or the other blogs that I read. If there weren't so many blogs, I guess we could be considered incestuous and would eventually die out due to inbreeding. But that's not happening yet!

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