Monday, February 28, 2005

From My Birds Notebook

My birdwatching has gone lax during the past year, especially the record-keeping, but I would like to get back to keeping some notes on them. But I am lazy, so instead of writing down every last detail for every day of the week as I previously did, I may just do something simple like this.

In the past week I’ve seen or heard the following birds:

1. house sparrows (very common around the planet)
2. pine warbler
3. chipping sparrows (not common in my area)
4. carolina wrens (my musical friend)
5. Inca doves (lovely bird, smaller than the other doves I see)
6. mourning doves
7. ringed turtledoves
8. cardinals
9. blue jays
10. grackles
11. red-shouldered hawk
12. American robins

Keep in mind that most of the time these are just my backyard birds, so it won’t very often be an exotic list.

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