Sunday, November 21, 2004

Evelyn Relaxes

Evelyn stared down into her glass of wine and smiled as if she'd been reminded of something pleasant. She looked up inquisitively at her extremely attractive sister-in-law Ruth, who was staring with less interest into her own wine glass.

"This young man I met at the party last night seemed to be just crazy about me being so slim," Evelyn sighed.

"That's good!" Ruth smiled, glad to have something to talk about. Though Evelyn was separated from Ruth's brother, Ruth was all on Evelyn's side about it. She thought Evelyn needed a good lay. Someone who'd be kind to her.

"But he was weird. I'd hardly even spoken to him when he gulped down a glass of wine and started talking about throwing up," Evelyn said.

"That's weird, all right," Ruth said. "Not very attractive. Hey, I thought you decided not to go to that party?"

"I just went, anyway. He was very strange. But handsome, and could talk a blue streak. And then, before long, the other people drifted away and I guess he started feeling better and got amorous with me instead."

"Amorous?" Ruth asked, surprised at Evelyn's using that word. Who'd she been hanging out with lately?

"Yeah," Evelyn grinned. "He started trying to touch me all the time as if by accident, but it was no accident!

"You let him do it?"

"I guess!" Evelyn laughed.

"Well, what happened next?" Ruth asked impatiently.

"Maybe I'd better just relax, that's what I told myself," Evelyn said. "'Cause I was getting more and more tense as the handsome young college boy—did I say how handsome he was?— confidently slipped his hand under my skirt and—"

"He did what!"

"And then he had it under my underwear and then he put his finger in my—"

"What?!" Ruth blushed. She was no prude. She felt she had done most of the nasty things that any of her friends had done, but it was startling to hear it coming from Evelyn. Evelyn had always been shy.

"And then he moaned in my ear, 'Oh, God, lady, you're so beautifully gooey!' while he was touching me there! I can't believe I let him! I can't believe he said that!"

"He liked to talk plain, huh?" Ruth giggled. "What'd you do?"

"I asked him, 'Are you normal?'

"Oh, damn, Ev, you aren't going to start that tired old shit about how unattractive you think you are?!"

"Mmm, well, that's what he did. And by this time, no matter how matter-of-fact I tried to be about it, I was really panting, you know? I didn't care if he was 10 or 12 years younger than me or not!"

"What'd he say then?" Ruth asked with excitement.

"He spoke softly in my ear, 'Fuck normality!'" Evelyn herself had whispered, trying not to giggle.

"He did?!"

"And while he did all that, he got his face between my legs and started licking!"

"Yeah," Ruth gulped, "fuck normality."

"Yeah, right there in a dark corner of that crowded little bedroom! There were two other couples, but nobody noticed anybody else, they were all doing something! And after a while we stumbled to our feet and found an empty bedroom. Without turning on any light, he pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me!"

"Wooo!" Ruth shivered, licking her lips.

"Yeah," Evelyn said. "I kicked my panties off and pulled up my skirt while he stripped off his jeans. And you know what he said? He eased my legs apart and kissed my mouth and kinda moaned, 'Hold still, skinny lady, and let me in! I want you so bad I could die!'"

"And what'd you—?"

"I let him in! I thought I'd die if I didn't!"

"So, you—"


"I sure like your stories lately, Ev," Ruth sighed.

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