Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dull Blog Mechanics Run Amok

Evaporating Sidebar

I just had a hell of a time with some form of dull blog mechanics going on behind my back and under the radar and beyond my comprehension. Suddenly stuff in the sidebar for "The Rat Squeaks" started disappearing! Everything below the Archives, starting with the words "Current Posts" and everything below that was gone. No Haloscan, no Site Meter, no "21 Good Ones", etc. I usually have a template just old enough to work from and make some easy corrections, but I had just saved the template and that copy was the same as the fuxed up one! Those of you who've never had a similar problem yet, I advise you to be prepared and keep one or more copies of the template!

To make a long story short, I found some copies to meld together and mostly corrected it. For some reason, it still doesn't announce "Current Posts" as it used to, but that does only what "HOME" up above the archives does and everything else seems to work. Maybe I'll figure it out later. Meanwhile I seem to have dodged a bullet. I sure didn't want to perform any big fixit just now, I'll tell you. Whew!

Bad Arhives, Bad!

Another detail of mechanics I wish I knew is why my archives are still expressed in complete dates. I only recently changed it from weekly to monthly and most of the monthly Blogger archives I see are in the form Month 2004, not "Month Date Year — Month Date Year". I wonder how one changes that latter to the simpler form? Should I check the "none" archives option and then do it again and choose Monthly? Would that sort it out or just kill all my archives forever? There are so many things to wonder about in a system that is often erratic.

A tip of the hat to Zandria of Keep Up With Me for the lucid phraseology I stole from her!

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