Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Counting Coup

Dirty dogshit damn day just won't get started! I was trying to post the following last night when a stormy rain started and I quit because the previous night's rain had been a horrible downpour and near-flood. My study (and computer) are in a building separate from the house and I didn't want to get trapped out here. Turns out it was a false alarm last night, though. Trying to get the post published this morning, that cretin Blogger seems to be trying to reject me as if I was a virus! Oouu, I get so mad!

About Men And Women

"I've found that many women today make a sort of sport out of attracting and infatuating men," one ageing bachelor said to another. "Even if they are uncertain whether they really want to get involved, with you or anyone else. Somewhat like the old Indian custom of 'counting coup'."

"So, what do you do about that?" I asked him.

"The main thing is to acquire and keep a friendship. For men, dogs that we are, the first extended paw of friendship IS sex. For women, it's often the opposite. Unfortunately sometimes women also reach out for friendship through a form of play so playful that it somewhat resembles a sexual come-on and then the man becomes entangled in that. He misses her sense of fun about the relationship and gets aroused and if it isn't consummated, he is soon so pissed off that he pushes her out of his life completely."

"You're talking about me, I guess," I grimaced.

"I'm talking about men!" he said, then laughed as hard as he could.

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