Monday, October 20, 2008

Woogie, Ancient Blog*Star From Hell!

I answered some silly question (easy one) on Blogger Help Group today, the first one I've answered in a couple of months. All the other questions seemed to require some thinking on my part, so I didn't answer any of them. Maybe my habits have changed at last and I can't get back in the habit of being a Blogger knowitall? It could be. Just a tainted, water-damaged, rusty old Blog*Star ready for the garbage heap. Let it rain on me. It doesn't hurt, though, so what does it matter?

Maybe this is another retirement from Retirement? I can't keep track.


  1. You know your underlying goal is actually to earn some more Blogger and Google bling!

  2. Actually, I'd like to bling Cricket while all the boring ones in the crowd had to sit on their hands and pant and watch.


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