Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dead Mouse

I was offline for about a day because my second effort to clean my mouse killed it! The fact that I've cleaned mice previously doesn't matter much, evidently, because it froze up and wouldn't show any sign of life. I was going to consult my nephew about it (he might still have my optical mouse that travelled to his house), but he was out of town, so I broke down and bought a new one. It's not as if they're expensive. I paid $20, but there were $10 ones! Considering how much gunk I found in the mouse that just died, I think I'm pretty happy to be back with an optical mouse, not to mention a new one! This Microsoft bugger sure does move fast comparatively! I keep running right off the screen.


  1. Ah, maybe the push I've needed. Mine doesn't like to move anymore. The scrolling part has long been broken. And now it takes 10 clicks to get something to register.

    I just need to steel the one off the laptop, though. Talk about lazy.

  2. Although I paid $20, the $10 one would have been adequate. If you keep an eye open for some of those silly money-back deals, you might end up with one for free! Mice are cheap.


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