Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cooler Temps And Shirts And Pants

I had to start wearing a few of my long-sleeve shirts this past week. Whether the warm weather is "all over" here in Texas or not, it at least starts to feel like it's not quite hurricane season, and you know that can't be bad! I even turned the bathroom heater on this morning and it's hard to remember when I did that last. I think last winter was so tolerable (to me) that I almost never turned it on. That's always the oddest odor, though, the smell of the past year's dust burning off of the heating element--for a moment or two before realizing what it is, I panic.

The first morning I reached for a winter shirt last week, I grabbed one that was a very tight fit and wondered if I'd grown fat during the night! I finally recalled that it was one I'd meant to set aside from the "normal" shirts and had failed to do so. The tight shirt was the same "large" size as all the others, but still it was for someone just a few pounds lighter! I can't recall how I acquired a shirt that didn't fit very well, but maybe it was one of those fifty-cent wonders I sometimes buy at Good Will.

At the same time last week I began trying on some of my smaller (size 36) pants and found that I've shrunk again in that regard. So now I have two sizes of pants in my closet, size 36 and 38. If the smaller sizes stay comfortable, I'll eventually move the larger ones into the bathroom closet to avoid the confusion!

I'll keep the cargo pants handy, though, since all three pair of them are the larger size! I like all those pockets, though it's seldom that I use them all! Nonetheless, when using a cane for walking as I have done much of this past year, one sometimes needs either an extra hand (no one sells them) or an extra pocket.

Meanwhile, it's weird to have some pants so loose they fall off without a cinched belt and others that stay up without any belt at all!


  1. There are some doctors in Germany who recently did a double arm transplant, so maybe that third hand is a possibility. I'm sure it would be very expensive though.

  2. But where would it attach to the body? Maybe out of the backside, like a tail?


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