Saturday, October 11, 2008

Modern Phones

Among the things disturbed or zapped by Hurricane Ike seems to be my cordless phone I used out here in the study. I bought that AT&T phone sometime before 1988--so it's ancient. I remember I paid something like $150 for it and didn't mind it, it seemed like such a fine new toy to me at the time! Nowadays, they are as common as dirt and nearly as cheap. All the fancy phones are in the house these days, so I bought the cheapest one I could find at WalMart (less than $10) and it seems to be perfectly good. It seems like it's even better in some ways because it's smaller and lighter. I have no real use for cell phones, so all their lightweightness and smallness has not much intruded into my life, but I can see how they too have reached a premium stage of existence for those who have to carry them around.

Technology is a wonderful thing, I guess--until it tracks you down and locks you up, of course.

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