Sunday, October 26, 2008


I knew a girl, I didn't know her very well,
I used to tell myself, though,
How I'd love to belly up to her
Even if our bellies were all that was involved
Except for our kisses. There should always be kisses,
Slow and long and lingering on the lips...

Meanwhile, she was just so fucking cute
I couldn't bear it
And couldn't wait any more
And I fell to sticking my tongue in her
While she rolled and jerked around!
It was very nice of her to like it so well, I thought,
When I myself liked it so much!

I'd love to tickle her somewhere,
Anywhere that would tickle her!
Oh, what an effect that would be!
But I'm not all that cool
And can't pretend to be, at least not for long,
So do I know her or not?


  1. No, I meant it as a compliment!

  2. I was guessing that! We should all go somewhere and swin in Monty Python's Flying Circus for a week. Or until the elections are over.

  3. Maybe that would be adequately silly!


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