Saturday, April 19, 2008

Same Old Good-looking Shit

Just as ugly as ever after my stroke, but you can eat me up if you want to! I assure you I'm more handsome in person, but that doesn't solve much for me, does it? Alas and Alack!

I think I am starting to look older, but what can I do to stop it? Kill myself? Not ready yet. I been thinking about getting a haircut. Something short so I look like a little boy?


  1. Hell, you look better now than you did! I change the header shot!

    Seriously, you look great.

  2. You look great! I'd have you for dinner.

  3. I understand there is a meal called meatloaf 69l

  4. I haven't been trolling the neighborhood much lately. Am sorry to hear you're having health problems. At the risk of sounding banal, please get better soon.


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