Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I know these aren't very informative posts lately. I guess they're just personality exigencies and brain farts, both of which are necessary bodily functions. Call the police if you feel abused. Call the Fire Department if you fel alarmed. Call a Goldfish if you feel you're drowning in sap, sludge, or tears.


  1. I find 'em very informative - they tell me you are improving rapidly day to day, and will soon be back to the snarky self we know and love. With or without hat. ;-)

  2. And I have a big one for Twilight, also with or without Hat...

  3. Hi Ron, I was sorry to hear that you had a stroke. I hope you recover soon and get to feeling better. From a fellow Texan.

  4. Send money, guns, and lawyers!


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