Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lie Down With Dogs

Wake Up With Wolves

Or is it "wake up with fleas?" That would make sense, but so does the other. I don't know, but lately it seems as if somebody must have closed me down! Or is it just my true value being noted? Could be. But, wait, maybe it's the fact that I haven't commented much on other people's blogs lately! I haven't primed the pump! Could it be so simple? Yes, it could, though I may have also alienated people of all creeds and colors, since that's pretty easy to do. Many people find it easy to get insulted, and many, of course, find it easy to be insulted by me--I am very insulting, sometimes even unconsciously so! At any rate, I need to prime the pump to trick more people into being interested in me. I never understood why they were, and now don't understand why they don't, which just goes to show that I hardly understand anything. Probably just can't remember who I insulted. It's hard, though, when you don't think of anything but yourself. So throw me to the wolves!


  1. I used that saying (dogs/fleas) myself just last night - when talking about Barack Obama. :-(

    Are you being shunned, ignored, forgotten - no - I'm sure you aren't.

    There's so much going on just now, so many scandals and "stuff", I suppose we're all distracted. I am, to the point of losing my sanity at times. First experience of an American election!!

    I have my citizenship interview 11 April - I'll soon be a naturalized 'Murican, if I can pass their civics test, so I'm busy studying for that inbetween times.

    Hope you're feeling better than a few weeks ago (healthwise).


  2. I know you hate it, but if you really care you're going to have to pump a little! If you don't, then don't worry about...just keep scratching!

  3. You never call, you never visit. Hell, you never even comment. What am I supposed to think? Know the love, dude, know the love?

  4. Mush: It keeps getting harder and harder. No, not that! I mean reading all my blogs like I used to.

    Twi: I thought about you when I was in the local library the other day and happened to walk past some kind of "Citizenship Kit" intended for immigrants to use as a study tool, I guess. It was in some kind of plastic box with a snap that held it closed. Anyway, I wondered where you stood with your aspirations!

    lindy: do i know you from this or some former life? is that a real name or some kind of takeoff (?) on Charles Lindbergh, the aviator? If I have brain damage, I would take responsibility for it, although (like other things) I can't remember what I have or who I know or if they'd even want to know, if the truth were known!

  5. I can't speak for anyone else, but I have just been busy. It is good to check back in and see how my ol' friend Ron is doing.

  6. It is quite true. I'm your true friend, just like any damn dog you are likely to encounter here.

  7. I get behind on my reading. Every so often, I set aside some time to get caught up on the blogs I like. Or something nudges me to get my attention.

  8. Hello there Ron - in fact as I hadn't heard from you for a while I thought I'd pop in and check you were still alive and blogging!
    Val x

  9. Love to hear from y9ou, Val, but my recent stroke m akes it hard to be express8ve and timely!

  10. I went off and forgot about you Val! Sorry!!!


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