Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Joni Mitchell Getting Older (Like Who Isn't?)

It seems silly to say, but I am dumbstruck--how could anything be more beautiful?!


  1. A confession:

    "Court and Spark" (1973) remains one of my favorite pop albums. It's one of those rare albums on which there's not one mediocre song, in my judgment.

  2. Rat. I thought it was short for Ron at Texas. Hey, come up and join us at Blogger and Help Group. That is if you can stand being in the company of an old fart Yankee like me. But, be nice. There are sensitive folks out there looking for advice.

  3. Hey, Joe: I felt pretty much the same way back in the day. But there's one or two others that I feel almost as strong about, though I never really heard a bad album by her!

    Recently saw a video on the Internet of an 1965 or so of Joni (before fame) singing a cowboy song on some TV show. I knew the song, but it was hilarious to hear her sing it.

    hbl: I can't stand crowds of any sort, internet or friends or family. I was in Chuck's group, but eventually had to quit it just because I'm irascible. It's not that I have no self-control at all, it's just that I don't want any! Declined Jordan's invitation for the same kind of reason--I couldn't comply with the constraints.

  4. hbl: What are you doing here, anyway?


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