Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting Old And Taking Pills

What Next?

I've dwindled down to where a day or night's occupation might be just buying a new plastic container to put all my medicines in. The dope (legal, you know?) was previously stored in a couple of ugly but practical shoe boxes. Every once in a while, I get disgusted with how ugly something is in my environment. Since I'm not strong and balanced enough to move my furniture around like I used to do (on the spur of the moment!), I have to diddle with smaller things. Oh, yeah--I diddle with that, too, but it's not only small, there's only one, and you can only occupy so much time with it. One of my OLD friends that I met 38 years ago is about to get married for the first time and it is a good thing, I'm sure, but there goes another of the lifelong bachelors. I hope it is a great joy and comfort to him, though!

Anyway, my changes are very small these days. I moved the drugs into the new plastic "drawer" and placed the drawer on a low surface so that I don't to stand and get a horrible backache while extracting my day's pills and counting them out into yet another plastic container with multiple compartments. I used to count, but not lately--I think I take about 7 or 8 pills in the morning, then 3 or 6 more at 3 more times of day. I dispense them to myself sort of like an automaton, but sometimes lose track and have to review the whole damn thing to see I haven't reversed the numbers and given myself 3 or 4 of something wrong. Anyway, now I can sit down and make my mistakes with the pills. I wish, though, that some of my bottles were smaller! It's a piss-off to try to keep such different sizes of bottles stored together. I'll gradually relabel some small bottles and get everything into bottle sizes that are more compatible--then, I won't have to store some of them laying on their side.

Presently my dresser looks clean and uncluttered for the first time in a long while, maybe 3 years, but I guess I'll fuck it up in good time--I always have.

See what important stuff occupies one's old age? Of course, there's always the damn garbage cans and wondering if you've put them out for pickup on time! What a colossal waste of time and my superior brain power--I could be making bookmarks out of expired business cards or something! Actually, I feel like the trip was way too short between the life I used to have of jumping up and down off tractors without distress to being this doddering old fool! Anyway, if you can avoid these things by some means, do it, Do It, DO IT!


  1. Been doing that for a while...take 4 prescriptions regularly, plus about 8 other things that are supposed to make you live forever...however, I've about changed my mine about wanting to do that.

  2. I know I've changed mine! Sheeit.

  3. mr ron..erm i love knows a lot of sorry...its ok for me to link you..:D

  4. :D...thank you mr Ron...pity of you because cannot read my blog content because it written in bahasa melayu..

    anyway...tq..please come again and again..

  5. mr Ron...tq actually for thank you..:D


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