Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yabba Dabba

Hello, Satan
sung to the tune of "Hello Walls)

Some devil in the corner of my eye asked this perplexing question of me the other day: What are 10 things that you’ve given up or left behind now that you’re where you are?

My answers:

1. Smoking
2. Eating sugar (much)
3. Drinking Cokes and other carbonated drinks
4. Size 42 pants.
5. All my clothing older than 8 months.
6. The love of a good woman (there’s too many bad ones).
7. Reading books that aren’t Large Print.
8. Going on long car rides.
9. Thinking that the Internet would constitute erotic or pornographic communications. (Just in the back of my mind.)
10. A spanking from a mild woman drinking strong beer while she also… Well, we’ll see.

That makes 10 and I’m now through with that devilish suggestion! Some of these things weren’t true. But I can’t tell you or it’d be telling the devil!

11. Forgot the important ones: my best dog Grey, my father, my friend David, all dead now.

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