Monday, July 24, 2006

Norton & Symantec--Just Plain Thieves

"Do you want to Run or Save", the question is asked. Hell, I just want to get by and not have to learn very much more jargon as I live out the rest of my unlucky little life, that's all!

Everything is more trouble than it's worth, despite being computerized. Those motherfuckers at Norton Anti-virus or Symantec are happy to sucker me into making a payment for two years, but their system does not "Activate" when it's supposed to! They've already taken my fucking money and there seems to be no way, as usual, to contact a person. Sounds like Blogger, doesn't it? They have evidently stolen my money.

They sent an email to take a survey about how much I liked it, but I didn't take it, I asked them were they going to steal my money? No, they didn't respond, they're too busy wiping their faces with the tolet paper. Hard to see anything clearly when you do that, isn't it, boys?

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