Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ugly Me

Christ, when will I ever again write a "regular" post, I wonder? Some people think I've been reduced to titty pictures and curley-fry famous quotes and ugly photos of my haircuts and hats and suchnot! Where are the real posts?! Hell if I know!

Lately I've been writing for my new blog, Most Frequent Blogger Questions (MFBQ). You can find the link in the sidebar's Blogger Help Links. Anyway, MFBQ is a derivative of my work in Blogger Help Group, something fed by the questions from the Help Group. Later my answers feed back into it because each daily or weekly new generation tends to ask some of the same questions. It's a cycle. In MFBQ, I now have answers ready. I can either copy and paste from the relevant post section or else just give it's Permalink in a reply to the questions! Nice. Easier for me by far, sometimes more informative for the questioner, I hope! Doesn't matter too much if it's easier for the questioner; he's too desparate to notice such minor things, anyway!

I don't know about this; my best posts are really more self-sufficient than this. This one depends on you knowing about Blogger Help Group and my own Most Freqent Blogger Questions. Test on Tuesday! Oops, this IS Tuesday. Better luck next time.

Happy whup-ass day


Andre Gide: "Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better."

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