Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Poking, Honey

I was just poking around when I saw this photo on some blog that is several times more serious than I am. My first thought was doesn't Condoleeza ever buss Bush like that, step back the appropriate distance, and then say (just to tease him) "Oh, sir, you make my nipples tingle so!"

It's not that I believe Bush and Rice ever get it on, it's just that I can't believe they never think about it. What about you; you think they're thinking about it? Just once or twice a day? All I know is none of my coworkers (no matter how attracted to them I was) were ever in the habit of kissing me! Maybe all the Washington politicians become this phony with each other? Could be.

But I think they're still thinking about fucking! I can't help it, I'm just nasty. If you don't like it, what you doing on the Internet? If you're not careful, somebody of your own sex may leap out of the monitor and give YOU a big kiss! Maybe make you puke! So watch out if you're sensitive. I hear there's a Barney home site around here somewhere.

Keep laughing, Cricket, or I'll jump outta the screen for you!

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