Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Obscenities and Cursings!

Sometimes it makes me sick the extent to which I have to watch my language on the Internet. No one with power over me or my words has actually arisen and banned them or purged me. I just mean the people in the world I imagine reading my words. Do I care for this one or that one enough to not say s—t or d—k or p—y or just whatever crazy goddamn scummy words may occur to me? It has occurred to me that I do know a number of people who don’t cuss much, yet are amused often with my obscenely cantankerous villlifications of people and things in the world! How do you get so nice, I’ve often wondered? My father was an auto mechanic, so there’s no guessing where I learned the art of cursing inanimate objects and people who bring you the wrong repair parts. It might have taken a few years for it all to sink in, but (believe me) it did sink in! Not just from my Dad, but also from the really rough and disgusting mechanics! I once met a college girl who introduced me to the word “dogfuck” as an expletive. But, up until then, the mechanics were the kings of the cursing field. I would give you some examples, but just imagine you’re back in the worst place you’ve ever been and recall the words you heard. When your face turns red, don’t blame me. I wasn’t there. It's just in your head.

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