Sunday, March 12, 2006


As part of my regimen to keep my blood (blog?) sugar down and at the same time increase my calories due to being so thin, I started drinking a couple of cans of healthy Glucerna every day. It's not as thick as a milk shake, but has that approximate sort of taste and appearance. I don't mind the taste, it isn't bad. It comes in vanilla, strawberry, and other flavors that I haven't tried yet. It is supposed to contain 220 calories per can. Others may drink it instead of having a meal, but I drink them in addition to my meals. All this is fine and has been understood since the first day I brought them home a couple of weeks ago. It took until just today for me to have that autonomic response that men seem to have to small metal cans when I tried to squeeze the 8 ounce container--you know, crush it in one hand. But no dice. It's not pliable like soft drink cans; instead it's as firm as "tin cans" used to be when they were tin. You can't prove your muscles on a can of green beans, I've noticed, and the same is true of my new drink! And only Popeye could do that other cute trick with cans of spinach!

There you have it; more than you'll ever need to know about Glucerna! Carry on.

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