Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lame Duck

I’ve been doing double backflips (intellectually speaking) lately, but it doesn’t seem to make a wave. I’ve been writing posts without pause and emails without regard and still I’m talking to myself!

I used to often observe that my mother was/is a paranoid and, whether I like it or not, I guess I inherited some of that from her! When her messages aren’t delivered or her phone calls aren’t returned, she thinks someone is out to get her! Not true, I suppose, but I only suppose it because I am my mother’s son! I feel that way, too, regardless of whether it makes good sense. Just call me Lame Duck, then call me late for dinner.

As for comments in my blog, they seem to go in waves. For a while, there will be a good number, then back to nuthin’ again. I may have to start talking to complete strangers again before this is through. Leaving messages on other people’s blogs! Why not; I have no dignity and very little backbone. I keep shovelling out another "gem" and then another, regardless of whether they're just rat turds!

Hello stranger, feel me up. Better yet, tell me something arcane or fanciful. Quick, I need entertainment, if not enlightenment! Jeez, what a mess I am. All dung ho, you might say! (D’ya like me, huh, do you, do you, huh?)

Oh well, send in the clowns. Get rid of me.

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