Monday, March 20, 2006

Killing A Wild Blog

The other day I had a strange experience. That "Blogger Help Group" I’ve mentioned before often has someone asking for help, but one girl was going rather far! No, not offering to barter sex for template help! She was begging somebody to let her email them her username and password so they could Delete her blog for her!

After my trying a couple of times to inform her how to do it herself, she just sent me her username and password! She wanted to wash her hands of the whole dirty thing, it seemed! I quickly figured out the reason why she couldn't log on herself was that her username WAS the same as her blog name but DIDN'T have a dash in the middle of it like the blog name! Should I rush an email to her and tell her I’ve saved her blog? Or should I just put it out of its misery like it was an injured dog in the highway, as she seems to wish?

I decided not to worry about her lost posts or her puzzling life. I just did what she asked and blew her blog straight to hell! When it's deleted, it's gone for good, Blogger says. I suppose it’s true. She didn't have all that many posts, so her loss is minimal. I didn't bother to read it all, so she may have had stuff in there she considered embarrassing. It's gone now, whatever the loss or the damage.

Onward through the fog.

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