Monday, March 06, 2006


Leftovers are never any good to me these days. Whatever’s wrong with my taste buds is thus doubly bad because even if food is okay the first time, it won’t taste good the second time! Today I headed to Subway for a sandwich and got a new sandwich that said “spicy” and they weren’t shittin! Agh, it burnt me up! But I ate it all except a few morsels of bread.

The “cajun steak” wasn’t too great for me, but something else was. There’s a bakery next door to the Subway that makes doughnuts and all the usual variations of such. Today’s the first time I got anything but a doughnut there—an apple fritter, and boy was it good! Yeah, I know, it’s not good for a diabetic like me, but there has to be some indulgences in this life or it’s not life!

Well, I’ve had my indulgence for the day now, so I guess the jelly doughnut that the nice oriental lady at the bakery threw in for free will constitute an Absolute Sin when I get around to eating it later today! I’m not catholic, so if I’m throwing terminology around with too much abandon—well, excuse me! But I gotta use words when I speak to you, you know?

Anyway, words can hardly express how good that sugary apple fritter was. I look forward to someday eating another one even while I’m dreading what the jelly doughnut will do to my blood sugar count later today. Apparently I wouldn’t find it difficult to gain some weight back if I could just have some of these sugar tidbits every day. But it doesn’t really work that way.

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