Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Perverse Love Poem

Hop On You

Oh, I’d just like to run and hop on you and—
No, I don’t mean it like that, I don’t.
What I mean is I’d like to hug you tight
And kiss you and it’d be all right.

I’d have taken a bath, maybe two,
And made sure I smelled okay just for you,
And brushed my teeth in case you kissed me—
Just in case, you know, not because you would!
It would be like having something in the bank
If you would. Proof that I will not die a pauper.

I’d bite my tongue a bit just to keep it civil
While it was loose and lashing about while the world went on
And all the while be thinking of Precious Pretty You
And I wouldn’t have a clear thought in my head.

I just like you because you’re so you,
And envy the members of your book club
And treasure your looks on your digital photo
And wonder, Is that really you? They’re just dots…
Oh, I wonder if husbands and lovers ever have a clue
How lucky they are to have you?

But why wouldn’t they, why not?
You are pictured in the paper today with Him,
With one of them. He's such a blur
And yet may be the luckiest man in all of Timberlake
Or maybe even half the state. I dare think of it no more.


2nd draft: 07/08/05
©2005 Ronald C. Southern

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