Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jesus And Satan And The Post Count

"Jesus may love you, but Satan will do you favors." — Anonymous Internet Porno Site

Blogger's feature that keeps track of how many posts we've all written stopped working back when I'd written about 200 posts. I've been wondering how many had accrued since then and now, thanks to Cricket over at Churp, Churp pointing out that it's working again, I see my posts are up to 452 now. Hurrah for me. A blogger ought to be able to make that number visible to site visitors, but so far I can't see that it's possible. If anyone knows, tell me. Why one would be secretive or private about that, I'm not sure. Anyone can tell if I have an unseemly lot of posts or barely any, so why make a big deal of it? I am glad to have an approximate count again though, after more than a whole year of the feature being broken!

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