Friday, January 14, 2005

Welcome, Larry Jones

Writer of Filthy Blog

Welcome, Larry Jones, you lying sack of shit! First you told us that was your name, then you insisted it wasn't. You say we'll never find you, so don't bother to Google you! Ha! I won't, don't worry—what would I do with you if I did? Just stay out there in the open, at a nice safe distance, wrapped up in your cocoon of anonymity and curmudgeonry.

I'm going to put your damn revision99 site in my "Intelligent Blogs" list—but only because that's the only blogroll I've got—where I can keep an eye on you at all times. Sneaky people have to be watched, you know. So do people who make me laugh and snicker and snort and suck half a glass of water up my nose in a nanosecond!

So don't be a wise guy, keep your hands and feet in plain sight! Okay, I admit it, I don't care if you're moral or oral or polite or dicey or nicey, just so long as you can stir up a little dust and make me smirk. You sure are an old guy, though. (Old as me.) Why couldn't you have been thirty, female, really smart, blonde, with great big—uh, Sialia sialis blue eyes?
[Those readers who don't understand the above remarks will just have to read his filthy blog.]
Guess I'm going to get a few comments saying, "Remind me to never ask to get on your damn blogroll, I don't want to get crucified!" And I'll say, "Here's a dime, go buy a better sense of humor!" And then they'll love me like they used to. Uh, won't they?

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