Sunday, January 23, 2005

Defective Email Address

Okay, let's use this Sunday for something. A blanket apology. I don't think this relates to very many people, but it turns out that I've had my evil EV1 email address listed wrongly in the template code as a dot-com instead of a dot-net. It used to be right, I'd swear to it! I'd blame it on getting high if I could, but I don't get high anymore! But that's not the point. If you ever clicked it and it didn't do right, this explains it. You weren't being blocked, banned, or laser-beamed. You weren't being singled out. You were the victim of the non-discriminatory and egalitarian Internet; it was screwing everybody. The good thing about the Internet is the bad thing about the Internet—there are too many features, too much stuff to adjust! And there's too many things that seem to just adjust themselves! I've made yet another adjustment now and added a second address as well, though that just means that two of them could malfunction at once. God, I just HATE admitting to these stupid things I do! I don't know what happened and NEVER WILL know what happened!

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