Thursday, June 03, 2004

Web Site, Plus Dog

My Other Web Site

I've been busy lately writing several things, one of which I will talk about another day. I've been writing my usual overly long pieces for this blog, of course, but lately working at the same time on a new issue of "Southern Exposure-Diatribes and Dreams, Alarms and Beauty", my other, far slower, web site. When it first started, I had to stifle myself. A couple of them came out every couple of weeks. I later stretched it to a month. However, it's been nearly two months since I updated Southern Exposure fully. So, Issue #011 is nearly ready, and I figure that any day I can get it out before June 12 will be gravy. I've changed things some, for I can't resist the temptation to tweak everything a little. Some features are gone, but not banned. Maybe they'll come back. A couple of new twists will be added-not that you've never seen twists before, but maybe you'll like mine, too! Go and take a look when the time comes, which obviously will be within the week.

The Surprise Dog Photo

One new thing on this site has been there a few days without fanfare. Hopefully, I'll start remembering to tell you when it changes, but I'm irresponsible, you know. There's a link under "Suspicious Links" called "Surprise Dog Photo" because it started out as a dog photo called "typical dog". I have now begun to change it, not daily, but when I think of it. Every time the old photo is replaced, it will be gone, it won't be back. It will be called "Surprise Dog Photo" every time-this is because I'm lazy. Whether they entertain you or not, these humorous and/or shocking pictures will add a little Click to your dreary day.

More to the point, that click might even register on my site meter, telling me the real amount of time you spent here. As far as I can tell, you see-and some of you may know more about it-unless visitors click on a second page, all visits are registered as 0 seconds duration. And, though I know I am not popular, it takes longer than that just to holler, "Oh, crap, cover the children's eyes!" and get off my site. I swear, I think sometimes that people are Allergic to clicking. Makes me wonder how they ever got as far as they did to get to TRS.

I insist though that I just don't believe all those damnable zeroes. This seems to be a weird and tricky behavior by Site Meter, doesn't it? But it does work this way. Maybe only the free version works this way? I never asked.

Anyway, get the notion out of your head that I'm trying to entertain you with the Surprise Dog-just using some Pavlovian training on you for my benefit.

I didn't mean to stay up extra late to write this, but I did. Now the blinking Internet is nothing but "Cannot find server…" I hope it finds one and chokes on it!!!

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