Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Foosh, get outta here! Foosh, I say! That's what I say to cats when I want to get rid of them. It only seems to work when accompanied by a lot of hand signals, though. Anyway, I'm tired and beat and don't expect to write any blog today. Or tomorrow, whatever it is when you haven't been to bed. This is one of those notes ACTUALLY written in the Blogger editor, so I hope to be brief. I've been up some hours working on some other things. I'll talk about them another time, though. You, sir or madam, as the case may be, are on your own for today. Some of you need to go write your own blog--you know who you are! Write a blog about what you do when your favorite bloggers crack up and can't fulfill their daily destiny. Write a blog about how hard it is to write a blog--I don't care, just write something!

Hell, look at this drivel. See how easy it is?

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