Sunday, June 27, 2004

Don't Mind Me, It's Just More Chaos

Things are a little crazy this morning. Now, first, let's get it straight, I AM a person who likes classical music and opera. I don't know much about it, technically or historically, but I've come to like it over the years. So that's not my problem. It wasn't my problem this morning, either, when I turned on the local public radio station that serves as my classical music station and heard some odd stuff. Not to put too fine a point on it, the singer sounded like Red Skelton in his goony-voiced Klem Kadiddlehopper character, only he was singing in French. Though I'd been up a couple of hours and ought to have had a better grip on reality, I decided that it was too early in the morning to sit there and just be tormented by wondering what this deranged shit was. I turned the radio off and came over here. Even talking to myself is better than that. I'll go crazy at a slower rate.

All those who want me to go crazy at a slower rate, raise your hands…

Technical Rescue Being Sought

Cheryl in Korea, who writes "mental refuse" has been cut off from reading Blogspots such as this one or even her own because the Korean government has filtered them out somehow. All Blogspot sites from everywhere have apparently been made invisible inside Korea! The government appears to be retaliating for some gruesome or disrespectful materials on some Blogspot sites regarding the Korean man who was recently beheaded in Iraq. If anyone knows how a non-techie might be able to learn a little, work a little, and get around this "ban" of indeterminate length, let me know or contact Cheryl In Korea

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