Monday, June 14, 2004

Links—Past, Present, Future, Nevermore

I never bothered to explain what happened to the links list in SOUTHERN EXPOSURE. At first, I began rewriting it in a 2-column table so that it would be more visible than where I'd been hiding it in one of the drop-down lists. Then I decided I was just going to end up with the care and feeding of two different forms of the same list--one there and one here. So I withdrew the links list from the other web site. No one had remarked before, no one has remarked on it since. It probably made little difference.

The other day it occurred to me that I could just copy the one from here and let SE reference the copy; it would be quicker for the reader than the link to come all the way here. So that change exists on the files in my computer, but I was never able to transfer it to the remote directory out here in the clouds of Valhalla. Either my FTP or else my remote directory has turned up sick or non-functional. I think it's my web space provider, but I don't seem to be moving very fast about contacting them. Some days it seems like there's too many details of which to keep track.

I wonder if my computer would work better if I'd stop asking it to do Just One More Thing? I suspect it would.

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