Saturday, April 17, 2010


I hesitate to write to you
Since you told me
That everything was crazy there
Without disclosing any detail,
Though I hope it’s nothing or only too much work.

I hope it isn’t disease or despair
Or divorce or death, but even so
Something more desolate or devastating
May exist than I have been inclined to imagine.
I lift a glass and say a prayer to being wrong about it all.


Current draft: 4/17/2010
Created on 4/10/2010 6:57 PM


  1. A good writer could construct a whole novel around that one Ron.

    I've just read R.J. Waller's Bridges of Madison County and it kind of brought that to mind.

  2. Those long-winded novelists better be careful about "blowing things up".

    But what if I should tell you that a good writer already compressed that lengthy novel into a short poem? Do we really know what position we're in?

  3. I answered, but it didn't take. It was just a smart-aleck response, anyway, so I won't reconstruct it.

  4. Shit, there it is! Delayed reaction!

  5. Are you having comment delay too? I've been grumbling about it at the weekend and left a question on Blogger Help. There was one other similar complaint there too. no response to either though. Must be a bug in the system.

    Yes, maybe you wrote a story then did a concentrated version in the form of a poem. I can see that! :-)

  6. Not with the present material, but I did once write a short story and later came back and rendered it as a semi-erotic poem. I liked it better as a poem, though you'd think I wouldn't be able to decide!


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