Saturday, April 10, 2010

Entertaining Notions

Your newly “created” group of friends sounds worthwhile,
Almost indeed sounds daring in a world
That just gets by on who it already knows
Or can meet online without any germs or fingerprints.

I recall the beer and alcohol parties
In my youth that, if they didn't go so well for me,
Went that way because my expectations or hopes
Were too great or off center and didn’t fare well with drink.

Of course, they didn’t fare well without it, either.
Now that those occasions are so far in the past,
I wonder how it'd go to try to dance my way again
Through a group of semi-strangers talking rot?

Would it be different now that I have fewer expectations?
I start to think that’s so sometimes, but soon recall
Brief meetings a year or so ago with lovely Lois—
Though not in love, harsh loss and heartbreak turned up not
Far behind her that ended my exaltations just as soon as ever.

I discovered again my capacity for hopeless indignation
And continued inclination to show my ass when annoyed.
It’s part of my eternal damnation that I never come through,
Never entertain in time the notion that I might be
Boring or stupid instead of the other damn fool!


Current draft: 4/10/2010
Created on 3/26/2010 2:53 PM

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